Our latest international mission team spent two weeks in West Africa in November. Wendy Monahan, Cheryl Newton and Kris Simmons answered the call and traveled together to encourage and assist IMB missionaries. While in West Africa they got to spend time in several villages meeting people, distributing medical supplies, making jewelry and showing films.

     A highlight of the trip was work in the Hope Harvest garden. The garden grows drought resistant plants such as bitter tomato, green pepper, elephant grass and the Maringa tree. The Maringa tree leaves are processed and used as a nutritional supplement. The team met a young African missionary, “Titus” who is living and working in the garden and partnering with our IMB friends. They got to work with him and felt a bond of kinship in faith that transcends language and cultural barriers. Titus will be getting married and bringing his wife to the garden in January.

     The team finished their trip working at a boarding school for missionary children, helping with kitchen remodeling and painting. Our IMB missionary friends have two children in the US in college and two children in boarding school.

     Woodland has a ongoing relationship with this family and will continue to send teams as God provides opportunities. The Team arrived home to cooler temperatures and spiritual horizons broadened.