First, we want to remind you that there will no services, classes or meetings on Sunday, March 22. There is a video being made of a 15 minute or so devotional thought. Watch for it on Facebook and a link will be emailed. Since there is a good possibility that we will be unable to meet on Sundays later on, we are looking at how we might add music for worship online. We are learning as we go and appreciate the work of the Communications Team as we enter uncharted waters for many of us.

Second update: Chaim Birnbaum was scheduled to lead us in a presentation of “Christ and the Passover” on April 1. That event is cancelled. Chaim will not be able to fly out of Israel for some time. We are looking to reschedule the presentation for next year.

Third, the entire church building will be disinfected tomorrow, March 20. To ensure that the building remains disinfected, it will be closed for the following 10 days. This means that all keycards and key fobs will be deactivated temporarily. The church staff will be rotating shifts in the office to make sure phone calls are answered, the church email is read and deliveries are received. The building will be locked but if you need to come by the church, you can ring the doorbell to get in.

And lastly, if you are aware of any needs or you have a need, such as groceries being delivered because you don’t need to be out, please contact us. There are volunteers from the church who are ready to step in where needed. Keep checking on one another and your neighbors and keep praying.