On Saturday, May 19, 2018, join people from around the globe in the walk/run Global 6k for Water. This extraordinary cause will bring clean, life-changing water to children and families around the world.

Why 6k? 6 kilometers (approximately 3.7 miles) is the average distance people - usually women and girls - walk to get water in the developing world. Often, the walk is dangerous, children miss school, and the water is dirty.

When you register to join this worthy cause, World Vision will send you a Global 6k for Water t-shirt and a race bib with a photo of the sponsored child that you’ll be walking or running for that day. Every $50 registration fee ($25 if you are 18 and under) will provide clean water to one person.

How important is this clean water? Sadly, nearly 1,000 children under 5 still die every single day from diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and improper hygiene. Clean water frees children from deadly diseases, liberates women and children from a life spent gathering dirty water, and opens the door to education, a promising future, and a full life.


When you register, be certain to select “Join Our Team”